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  • Halland Hit Music Bundle


    Halland Hit Music Bundle


    The Seventies

    An ideal 'gold' category for AC and CHR stations. It's also perfect for oldies stations. The Seventies is 545 researched hits covering AC, Hot AC, and CHR. Includes complete database.

    The Eighties PLUS

    A powerful AC and CHR library. The most requested songs from the best artists! Covering 1980 through 1995 with 1,012 researched and proven hits. Includes complete database.

    Kickin' Country Hits

    A contemporary "hot" country music library that covers the best country hits of the '80s and early '90s plus a few "gold" tunes from the '60s and '70s. 817 songs including complete database.

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  • Future FX Collection


    Future FX Collection


    FutureFX Vol. 1

    90 tracks of cool sounding beeps, rewinds, touch tones and listener testimonials. From Jimmy Ocean "Fish."

    FutureFX Vol. 2

    224 bleeps, lasers, drones, separators, and listener drops

    FutureFX Vol. 3

    Starters, separators, hits, static, textures.

    FutureFX Vol. 4

    Starters, separators, hits, static, textures.

    FutureFX Vol. 5

    99 short modern production effects

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  • PowerPack Bundle


    PowerPack Bundle


    Lazer Impact Classic™

    110 lasers, explosions, touch-tones, stagers, swooshes.

    Lazer Impact Plus™

    122 Powerful production work parts. Sure, there's a ton of Lasers, but there's also explosions, touch-tone effects, stagers, swooshes, music pads and transitionals.


    120 musical stagers, sweepers, sound designer elements, bumpers, stingers, and instrumental production effects.

    Zings, Zaps, and Zoodads™

    90 sounders, stingers, lasers and 30 fully-produced promo beds from Dave Foxx of Z-100.

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  • Music Man Production Bundle


    Music Man Production Bundle


    Music Man Vol. 1

    A collection of 82 music beds for commercial production with a wide variety of contemporary music styles from the 90's, including Rock, Pop, Country, Blues, Bluegrass, and Funk.

    Music Man Vol. 2

    72 tracks of many different musical styles from the 90's, such as urban, country, rock, pop, classical, jazz, techno, and more.

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  • O’Connor Production Music Collection


    O’Connor Production Music Collection


    O'Connor's "The Apple 70's"

    Production music from the 70's. Great for novelty use.

    O'Connor's "The Apple 80's"

    Production music from the 80's. Great for novelty use.

    O'Connor Country Production Library

    100% real instruments! Produced by Bob Piper using top Nashville and Dallas musicians.

    O'Connor Holidays Production Music

    123 Buy-out holiday/Christmas production music and sound effects. Delivered via digital download.

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  • Sonic Infuzion Collection


    Sonic Infuzion Collection


    Sonic Infuzion Vol. 1™

    99 effects and beat beds with a special "ripping" track at the end.

    Sonic Infuzion Vol. 2™

    Shorter effects, longer pads and drones; and thirty-second beat beds.

    Sonic Infuzion Vol. 3™

    Sixty-six Transitions/Quick FX, Pads/Drones/Noise Floors from 1 to 20 seconds. Plus 33 Beat-Beds about 30 seconds long.

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