Christian Radio List


A database of over 3,000 Commercial and Non-Commercial Religious Radio Stations, or get 1,450 peel-and-stick mailing labels.

Product will be emailed to you within 2 business days.

The most accurate database of over 3,100 Christian Radio Stations (including simulcasts)! If you can’t take them via e-mail, please call us.

Mailing addresses, and phone numbers for virtually all Christian radio stations in the U.S. We have removed Christian stations that are not in English, but if you want them, just let us know. This list includes Contemporary Christian, Gospel, and “Teachin’/Preachin'” stations.

We have at least one email address for 94% of these stations and we have title-specific e-mail addresses for Station Managers, Program Directors, Sales Managers/Fundraisers, Chief Engineers, Music Directors and News Directors. Over 10,000 e-mail addresses (including duplicates).

Over 2,200 radio station websites…and growing. Postal addresses guaranteed 99% deliverable for 30 days! (When you use title-addressing.) Unlimited in-house Use. Includes Market Size.

Now CASS-certified for lowest postal rates!

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