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650 College and Noncommercial Rock Radio Stations, or peel-and-stick mailing labels.

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Most people who call us asking for a college radio list don't really mean it. They may not know that college stations aren't all playing hip music. Some colleges own radio stations that are news/talk and don't even play music. Others might be owned by Christian colleges or may play jazz, or music that isn't in English. And some college stations aren't live. 100% of their programming comes in via satellite.

While we track all of America's radio stations and can get you just about any kind of selection you want, we know that there are musicians and record labels trying to reach live college stations, so we have removed the non-relevant stations and added in 140 noncommercial stations that play some form of rock, even though they aren't owned by a college. We've also removed duplicate Program Directors who run more than one station out of the same office.


  • Radio station websites
  • Names of the General Managers, Program Directors, Sales Managers, Chief Engineers, News Directors, Music Directors and the name of the company that owns the station.
  • We're adding the names of Operations Managers, Promotion Directors and Production Directors
  • Postal addresses guaranteed 99% deliverable for 30 days! (When you use title-addressing.)
  • Unlimited in-house Use
  • Radio station phone numbers; a total of 41 fields of data!
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