FutureFX Vol. 2


224 bleeps, lasers, drones, separators, and listener drops

224 bleeps, lasers, drones, separators, and listener drops

This product is also part of our Future FX Collection

Audio Samples:

Track Name
1. bleeps...2
2. bleeps...4
3. bleep
4. bleep- tune- rewind
5. computer- chatter
6. bleeps..4
7. digital- blips...3
8. power up
9. power up 2
10. spacey
11. ping- beeps
12. lazers...3
13. lazers...4
14. lazers...3
15. power down...2
16. digital-blaps...7
17. digi-blurps...2
18. cheer down
19. beep-digi
20. digi-chatter
21. digijunk...4
22. digiedits
23. digiseps...6
24. crowd sep
25. digiquikie
26. digi starters...5
27. digi starters...4
28. digi starters...3
29. digi starters...2
30. digi starters...2
31. phone tones-radio tune
32. digital freak outs...4
33. digital freak outs...3
34. digital frak outs....4
35. digitalbleep repeat
36. more digi freaks...3
37. dig freaks....4
38. digi freak outs...3
39. digi freaks...2
40. digifreaklazer
41. diggi freaks...2
42. digibleepbleep
43. fast digis...10
44. longer digis...3
45. lazerradiotune
46. siren bleeps statics...2
47. real weird digis...6
48. digi weird outs...2
49. rewinds...3
50. rewinds...2
51. sractches...5
52. old record texture
53. needle rips...5
54. backspins....3
55. industrial alarm texture
56. beepsradiotune texture
57. drones...higher....medium...low
58. real low dramatic
59. radiotunedrone w/beeps
60. radiotune drone w/telemetry
61. beatloops w/beeps
62. beat loop2
63. yeafx
64. loop siren sequence
65. dude falling/fx
66. strange beep text loop
67. radio tunes...2
68. radio tune down
69. quick tunes
70. radio tune beep
71. radio tune static
72. fax
73. quick touch tones
74. phone hang up beeps
75. more quick tones
76. phone fx...2
77. phone drone
78. ticker
79. beepbeepbeep
80. electric loop w/bops
81. beep loop with mechanical works
82. weird feedback
83. female laughs...4
84. various laughs...11
85. uhhu,laffs- -yea what's the question again?--what's up?--uh it sounds fun--sounds like a good time I can't wait--that is great--cool--oh (disappointed)--oh yea--you know only these things would happen to you--that doesn't make sense--yea I have to admit it got kinda scarey there for a little bit--I'm real excited--it's Friday--I can't hardly drive home, I'm cryin and runnin off the road.
86. woow I'm gonna go out side and get naked
87. who are you?--you got a sexy voice--damn--what is your name
88. what are you on man you trippin--say that again--oh absolutely man it's great--keepin it real--aww come on sir--oh shut up--bla bla bla bla bla.
89. my anaconda don't want none unless ya got buns hun--are ya kiddin--that's good that's good--oh yea--oh man--sounds great--uh uhh uhh uhh ohhhh. listener testimonials
90. I can dance around in my bloomers and vacuum cuz you play all those hip-hoppin tunes.-(redneck female)
91. I love anything that has rhythm to it. (female-older)
92. kid rock, bsb, you do great listen to it all the time. (male)
93. oh yea that's what I love about it , it keeps ya laughin. (male)
94. I love you guys, I listen to you at home, on my way to work, and at work/i just love your music/you guys are so funny. (female)
95. it's the radio station where when you lose your still a winner. (female)
96. I listen to it at work every day. (male)
97. we have it here on our desk at work I just like to sing along with it while I'm at my desk. i like ya know a big variety. (female)
98. we have it on in about 3 of our offices here. (female)
99. you guys play everything, you guys don't play all the crappie music, you play all the up-beat keeps ya movin around kind of music. (male)
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