Noncommercial Radio Database


Database of over 7,000 Non-commercial Radio Stations, or get the database and 1 additional update in 6 months via e-mail.

Product will be emailed to you within 2 business days.

The most accurate list of over 7,000 American Non-Commercial Radio station addresses including simulcasts. After removing duplicate addresses, there are about 2,130 unique postal addresses. If you can't take them via e-mail or want mailing labels, please call us.

Commercial versus Noncommercial Radio: The designation is not something RadioMall assigns - it has to do with the kind of FCC license the station has. Either they have the right to run commercials, or they don't. Though the corporate sponsorship announcements carried on noncommercial stations sound more and more like commercials each year, they don't contain prices, for example. Noncommercial stations include some Religious broadcasters, most College-owned stations, Public Radio, small community broadcasters, and low-power FMs. Though there still are some independently owned commercial radio stations (especially in small towns) many commercial radio stations are owned by large companies such as iHeartMedia, Disney, Cumulus, CBS, etc. Many of our customers have products and services related to commercials, so we keep these lists separate.

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