Terms & Conditions

By receiving and downloading the database or otherwise making use of it you acknowledge and accept the terms stated above and conditions of our Usage Agreement below. 


This list is Copyrighted 2023, RADIOMALL LLC. 

Your company and its legal subsidiaries may have unlimited in-house use of this list. It is not copy-protected, and you may duplicate it for your company’s own use. It may be used to promote one single company, individual, recording artist, or group. You may not sell, rent, loan, or otherwise furnish it to other entities. 

The data cannot be posted to a web site, FTP site or file-sharing location.   

It may not be used to promote other companies or people in any way. In the event of personnel changes, the rights to use this list will be restricted to the individual or company that originally made payment for the list, unless a company provides proof that they reimbursed a former employee for the list. The data may not be reproduced for resale in any form. This data is “seeded” with the addresses of RADIOMALL LLC agents to ensure that the list is not being illegally reproduced. 

There are hundreds of duplicate email addresses in the file. You agree to remove any duplicates before sending email, and to use blind carboning. 

(BCC) so other email addresses are not displayed when you send email. You also agree to email only appropriate targets; i.e., don’t send a Chief Engineer email about new music. 

If you have any questions about these restrictions, or any other requests, please email shari@radiomall.com or call 1-763-522-6256, Option 1.

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